SweatVac’s 5 Favorite Running Apps

Looking for a bit of help tracking your workouts, mapping your routes, or maybe you need a little motivation (ahem, running from zombies)? Look no further! Here are our Top 5 Running Apps that work on both iOS and Android phones.



Free/$9.99; Available on iOS and Android

RunKeeper is far and away one of the most popular running apps on the market. With its clean and simple design, you can easily access your previous workouts, pace, distance, calories, and maps. As well, you can sync your playlist to your workout to provide some extra push. RunKeeper will even interrupt your music to announce your customized list of data to keep you on pace. And one last feature that is often overlooked? You can manually enter workouts for rainy days on the treadmill or days you want to run phone-free.





$2.99; Available on iOS and Android

MapMyRun has very similar features as other apps available, but it has the added benefit of tracking nutrition data with your exercise data. You can track distance, pace, route, and calories burned, among many other features. Still need more reasons? MapMyRun allows you to use external heart-rate monitors and it allows you to compete with your friends. That has us sold!





Free/$4.99; Available on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows

A few of the more unique features: Runtastic comes in 18 languages and has the ability to have your friends ‘cheer’ live. And since we are quickly approaching the winter months, Pro has some features that are great for winter! It’s not necessarily running, but the Altimeter app updates weather, sunrise/sunset times to help with unpredictable weather and the Wintersports app for sledding to snowboarding helps keep heart rate up in brisk months during those holidays in the mountain.





Free/$6 monthly

Strava focuses on both cycling and running, so this is most definitely something geared towards triathletes. This is especially nice because it interfaces with your Garmin Connect, a very widely used technology in the multisport world. And a more interesting feature: Strava allows you to keep a record of how much you use your gear (shoes and bike) so you can know when retire your shoes after a couple hundred miles or when to replace your bike chain. It helps you make sure you get the best bang for your buck when it comes to merchandise.





Zombies, Run!
$3.99; Available on iOS and Android

The name alone tells you this is no ordinary running app. Along with all the usual suspects of collected data (distance, time, pace, calories burned), Zombies, Run keeps you on your toes while you hunt for necessary supplies to preserve your life through a zombie apocalypse. You are definitely running for your life, here. And while you try to out run and weave through the living dead, the app will weave your playlist into the story line.

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