5 Tips to Grow Your Race

We talk with Race Directors like you day in and day out. And not just about race shirts. Everything is a learning experience – from marketing your event to what vendors to use. So here’s what we’ve learned is the best way to grow a race with a lower budget:

  • Social media is king. It is free and effective. Your fans want to interact with you even in the off season. So make sure you get on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Vine, etc. Consider this: 86% of Americans are on the internet and over 50% of Americans use Facebook on a daily basis. Generate content, get followers!
  • Get earlier registrants. But how? Get them extra incentive to get on board and commit. You can try price breaks, extra schwag, personalized bibs, etc. A race that is selling out earlier and earlier will only get more popular.
  • Reach out to last year’s participants. They’ve already run the race and know how great it is. Give them a discount and they’ll tell all their running friends. This can absolutely be tied into getting people to register earlier.
  • Work with other businesses/races. See if you can get local restaurants to offer discounts to finishers  or races that are run during different times of the year to offer a special price if you register for both. It’ll help everyone involved!
  • Hit the local running trails. Go talk to runners, set up water stations, or hand out some shirts or other promo items. Personal attention will win over people rather quickly.

So we want to know: How have you grown your race? Do you know how you stack up against similar races? And do you know what your participants think? We’ve got an awesome survey as part of our partnership program that we’d like you to see!

When you are ready, get feel free to give us a call at 800-359-2514 or e-mail us at We can’t wait to work with you!

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