The 6 People On Every Ragnar Team

The Point Guard

This is your team captain. They’ve got everything handled. Registration, van rentals, drivers, volunteers, custom team gear, etc. If it’s needed, they’ve got it organized. You can always count on them to stay on the ball.


The Enforcer

Does the team captain need help keeping everyone in line? Chasing down that last person for their shirt size or to get their preference for a team meeting time takes a special kind of person. They are the captain’s right-hand-man. Mostly nice, sometimes nagging, but always there to help out.

The Ringer

This person is the first to volunteer to run the longest legs. And they’ll be super happy about it. They are really fast, love to run, and best of all: they motivate you to go even harder.


The Mystery

They are the friend of a friend of a friend who heard you were looking for an extra runner for your Ragnar team. They’re a total mystery and you probably won’t even meet them until the start of the event (where, by the way, you’ll be in a van with them all weekend) and you hope they at least don’t smell too bad. But don’t worry. You will absolutely, 100% come away with a new, great friend.


Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez

They’re experienced. They love running. This is probably their 10th Ragnar Relay but they’re as excited as they were on the first one. Almost certainly they will transform any first-timers into seasoned veterans by the end of their first leg. And you see them zoning out, you can most likely assume they are visualizing they are chatting Meb Keflezighi after winning the Boston Marathon.


The Driver

Let’s be honest: you may be running part of the 200+ miles during the weekend, but your drivers are doing their job for the entire time! So give a hand to the Han Solo’s of the Ragnar world. Because without them, you’d be doing the Kessel run in far longer than 12 parsecs.

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