We’re Always Asked: Can I Use Dye Sublimation?

We are always asked if a person’s image can work with our dye sublimation process. Well, we are here to answer your questions about dye sublimation. Here are the most common: Are there too many colors for dye sublimation? No, we can dye sublimate anything you’d be able to see on a computer screen. Is … Continued

Nighttime Workouts

Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice here in the northern hemisphere, and that means it’s the shortest day of the year. For us here in Chicago, sunrise is at 7:15am and sunset is basically noon. Not really, it’s 4:22pm, but you can understand why we feel that way. That gives us 9 hours and 7 minutes … Continued

Surviving the Winter on your Bike

Just like we talked about last week with winter running, cycling in the cold comes with its own set of unique challenges. Not only do you have to keep yourself warm, but you have to keep your bike in working order as well as staying safe on the road. Let’s start with keeping yourself warm: … Continued

Keep Training This Winter

Brace yourselves – winter is coming. How are you going to keep your edge in the off season? Living in Chicago, we certainly have experience in winter training. It is winter here for nine months a year, after all. Here’s how we do it: Set smaller goals to hit along the way: You may have … Continued

Now Hiring Sales Reps and Consultants

SweatVac® Performance Wear, a fast growing boutique sportswear company in Chicago, is seeking a full-time, well-organized, self-motivated sales professional to work in the endurance athletics market. Responsibilities include cultivating a sales territory of specialty athletic stores, endurance races, clubs, and teams, as well as managing a territory of current accounts. Sales experience and a passion … Continued

Why Use Dye Sublimation Transfer?

SweatVac® Performance Wear products are customized by a process called “dye sublimation transfer,” or dye-sub, for short. It’s a process that dyes your image directly into the fabric. In traditional screen printing, an image is rendered in ink that bonds with the fabric and sits on top of it. Dye sublimation is different in that … Continued

Run in Style with Your Team!

Are you on a team that’s been preparing for a big race? Or maybe even a Ragnar Relay? You’ve trained hard together. You’ve bonded. You’ve improved together. So why not take the logical next step? It’s time to look the part! Whether you have hundreds in your group, or just a dozen, we are ready … Continued

The Battle of Budgets

Cash. Benjamins. Dough. Bills. Big Ones. Moola. Shekels. However you say it, we know many of your decisions come down to one thing: Money. As we started to talk about in last week’s post outlining the way to create the best race shirt, we know cost is a big, if not the biggest, factor in … Continued

The Perfect Participant Shirt

SweatVac® understands that you have a lot on your mind when planning an event or event series. Getting the perfect participant shirt is one decision among many, but one that can have a large impact on the exposure and perceived value of your event.  Research shows a large portion of participants’ perceived value from an … Continued

SweatVac and Race Directors: The Power of the Partnership

Race Directors are business owners who need to produce a great product and great service in order to satisfy or even thrill their customers. Like any business if it’s done right it keeps the customers coming back, attracts new customers and keeps competitors a few steps behind. SweatVac understands this and has not only the … Continued