The Perfect Ride Kit

What’s in your ride kit? Everyone has several things they take with them on EVERY ride they ever take. Every time. Before each ride, you have to make sure you have everything because it would be a disaster to be 50 miles from home realizing you don’t have something you need. Well, our solution is … Continued

SweatVac’s 5 Favorite Running Apps

Looking for a bit of help tracking your workouts, mapping your routes, or maybe you need a little motivation (ahem, running from zombies)? Look no further! Here are our Top 5 Running Apps that work on both iOS and Android phones.   RunKeeper Free/$9.99; Available on iOS and Android RunKeeper is far and away … Continued

Nighttime Workouts

Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice here in the northern hemisphere, and that means it’s the shortest day of the year. For us here in Chicago, sunrise is at 7:15am and sunset is basically noon. Not really, it’s 4:22pm, but you can understand why we feel that way. That gives us 9 hours and 7 minutes … Continued

Surviving the Winter on your Bike

Just like we talked about last week with winter running, cycling in the cold comes with its own set of unique challenges. Not only do you have to keep yourself warm, but you have to keep your bike in working order as well as staying safe on the road. Let’s start with keeping yourself warm: … Continued

Keep Training This Winter

Brace yourselves – winter is coming. How are you going to keep your edge in the off season? Living in Chicago, we certainly have experience in winter training. It is winter here for nine months a year, after all. Here’s how we do it: Set smaller goals to hit along the way: You may have … Continued

Preparing for a Long Bike Ride

The fall is the perfect time to go out and get a really long run in. Maybe you and your friends have planned a century or even a double century ride. We love long rides and think they are a great opportunity to bond with friends and team members, explore your area, and best of … Continued

We’re Back (to Posting)!

Welcome back, SweatVac fans! It’s been a while. Maybe more than a while – more like 8 months since our last post. But don’t worry! We are back on it. We’re going to keep this short and sweet, so keep checking back for updates on events, discounts, giveaways, sponsorships, training tips, and the like. Here’s … Continued

Simple Steps to Better Running

With the winter months closing in – and the holiday season – your greatest gift to yourself should be a focus on your health. Here are some solid tips for getting into a running routine: Good posture helps keep injuries at bay – too much force on your shins can cause splints, and in extreme cases, … Continued

Winter Warm Up

It’s getting colder, which means inclement weather is approaching, and along with it, your struggle to keep dedicated to health and exercise! There’s a wide range of debates on which type of weather is better to workout in- hot or cold.  If the cold weather affects your workout, here are few safety tips to keep … Continued

To Gym, Or Not To Gym?

When you’re looking to start up an exercise routine, it’s usually one of the first questions to ask. Is it worth it to spend monthly fees and include a commute to your workout, or is it better to walk/run/bike around your neighborhood and create makeshift weights at home?   The benefits for creating a home-based … Continued