SweatVac’s 5 Favorite Running Apps

Looking for a bit of help tracking your workouts, mapping your routes, or maybe you need a little motivation (ahem, running from zombies)? Look no further! Here are our Top 5 Running Apps that work on both iOS and Android phones.   RunKeeper Free/$9.99; Available on iOS and Android RunKeeper is far and away … Continued

The 6 People On Every Ragnar Team

The Point Guard This is your team captain. They’ve got everything handled. Registration, van rentals, drivers, volunteers, custom team gear, etc. If it’s needed, they’ve got it organized. You can always count on them to stay on the ball.   The Enforcer Does the team captain need help keeping everyone in line? Chasing down that … Continued

20 Awesome Ragnar Team Names

Are you having trouble coming up with your Ragnar team name? Well, never fear. We are here to help! From references to blisters and soles to fish and beer, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favorite designs, and then even more team names below: So Here’s Our List:   Will Run for … Continued

SweatVac Guest Product Review: Race Hat with VBurst

Check out this guest review of our SweatVac Race Hat with VBurst by guest Blogger, Mike Rigelsky from Ohio: I have never been one to wear hats when I run; instead I started wearing headbands because I sweat a lot. However, I only did this for races, not for training. With this year’s spring rains, … Continued

5 Tips to Grow Your Race

We talk with Race Directors like you day in and day out. And not just about race shirts. Everything is a learning experience – from marketing your event to what vendors to use. So here’s what we’ve learned is the best way to grow a race with a lower budget: Social media is king. It … Continued

Are You Getting Your Ragnar Gear?

You’ve got your team. You’ve finalized your transportation. You’ve got a solid handle on training. At least we hope! The next thing to consider is what you and your team plan on wearing when you conquer the Ragnar Relay. The world is your oyster: you can do costumes, custom performance gear, color themes, or your … Continued

Why Do Races Give Participant Shirts?

We hear many answers to this pivotal question. We always ask race directors when we start working with them. It’s a wide range, but here are our most popular answers by far: “The participants expect it!” “We’ve always done one.” “It’s great marketing for our race.” “I don’t know, I’ve never really thought about it.” … Continued

Reasons to Love the Treadmill

We’re kidding, of course. There is no real love for the “dreadmill,” but there are certainly ways to make it better. When we are snowed in up here in Chicago, these are the seven reasons we convince ourselves that it’s best to go for a quick inside run. Television/Movies/Netflix: Need to go for a quick … Continued

We’re Always Asked: Can I Use Dye Sublimation?

We are always asked if a person’s image can work with our dye sublimation process. Well, we are here to answer your questions about dye sublimation. Here are the most common: Are there too many colors for dye sublimation? No, we can dye sublimate anything you’d be able to see on a computer screen. Is … Continued

Nighttime Workouts

Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice here in the northern hemisphere, and that means it’s the shortest day of the year. For us here in Chicago, sunrise is at 7:15am and sunset is basically noon. Not really, it’s 4:22pm, but you can understand why we feel that way. That gives us 9 hours and 7 minutes … Continued