Ragnar Gear Is Here!

Attention, Ragnarians! Now you can get our awesome SweatVac headwear with your favorite race’s impeccable style! The first option: the winter beanie featuring a fully dye sublimated, high visibility, high definition, Ragnar shield on an orange diamond textured background. It’s machine washable, lightweight, streamlined, and most importantly: it’s warm. But not too warm. The next … Continued

Are You Getting Your Ragnar Gear?

You’ve got your team. You’ve finalized your transportation. You’ve got a solid handle on training. At least we hope! The next thing to consider is what you and your team plan on wearing when you conquer the Ragnar Relay. The world is your oyster: you can do costumes, custom performance gear, color themes, or your … Continued

Why Do Races Give Participant Shirts?

We hear many answers to this pivotal question. We always ask race directors when we start working with them. It’s a wide range, but here are our most popular answers by far: “The participants expect it!” “We’ve always done one.” “It’s great marketing for our race.” “I don’t know, I’ve never really thought about it.” … Continued

Why Use Dye Sublimation Transfer?

SweatVac® Performance Wear products are customized by a process called “dye sublimation transfer,” or dye-sub, for short. It’s a process that dyes your image directly into the fabric. In traditional screen printing, an image is rendered in ink that bonds with the fabric and sits on top of it. Dye sublimation is different in that … Continued

Run in Style with Your Team!

Are you on a team that’s been preparing for a big race? Or maybe even a Ragnar Relay? You’ve trained hard together. You’ve bonded. You’ve improved together. So why not take the logical next step? It’s time to look the part! Whether you have hundreds in your group, or just a dozen, we are ready … Continued

SweatVac and Race Directors: The Power of the Partnership

Race Directors are business owners who need to produce a great product and great service in order to satisfy or even thrill their customers. Like any business if it’s done right it keeps the customers coming back, attracts new customers and keeps competitors a few steps behind. SweatVac understands this and has not only the … Continued

We’re Back (to Posting)!

Welcome back, SweatVac fans! It’s been a while. Maybe more than a while – more like 8 months since our last post. But don’t worry! We are back on it. We’re going to keep this short and sweet, so keep checking back for updates on events, discounts, giveaways, sponsorships, training tips, and the like. Here’s … Continued

Partner Highlight: New Jersey Trail Series

Here at the SweatVac office, we value all of our partners.  Below is a highlight of one of our long-standing partners, NJ Trail Series.  Please read to learn about NJ Trail Series, what makes an event series a success, and what it is like to partner with SweatVac on custom apparel. History of NJ Trail … Continued

Snapple Tri Team is Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

Recently, some of our favorites at the Snapple Tri Team had some bad news come their way.  Snapple teammate Lucas McCollum’s wife Paula, was diagnosed with breast cancer in March of 2012. Snapple teammate Mindy Ko recounts the act of encouragement and support for them from the entire Snapple Team.  We’re so happy to be … Continued