SweatVac Guest Product Review: Race Hat with VBurst

Check out this guest review of our SweatVac Race Hat with VBurst by guest Blogger, Mike Rigelsky from Ohio:

I have never been one to wear hats when I run; instead I started wearing headbands because I sweat a lot. However, I only did this for races, not for training. With this year’s spring rains, I started wearing whatever old baseball caps I had in the closet to keep the rain out of my face. These quickly grew heavy and uncomfortable when then got wet from rain, sweat, or a combination of both, so I decided to try out the Sweatvac Race Hat with VBurst. If it is such a thing, I am now converted.

My first race with the hat was the Pittsburgh Half Marathon, which is an early morning race. It started to drizzle at the starting line and then quickly warmed up when the sun rose, and the hat was well-suited to the varying weather conditions. I definitely preferred the hat to a sunglasses + sweatband combo as it was far more effective at keeping the sweat out of my eyes and it meant that I did not have to carry my sunglasses for the pre-dawn portions of the race. This hat is lightweight, but still does a great job of absorbing the sweat while ventilating readily so I never feel as if my head is overheating. In the rain, while the entire hat does get soaked, it never feels heavy and is hardly noticeable. I have also started wearing the hat on the boat when I am out water skiing, as it feels far more comfortable than traditional hats when worn with wet hair.

The hat is well-constructed and has already taken a lot of abuse with being put in the bottom of my gym bag and run through the washer once or twice a week for the last two months, but it still looks and feels brand new. As far as appearance, the logo really pops off the front in all of the colors, which is a nice effect, but I am partial to the grey and black as it gives the hat a sleek look.

Mike Rigelsky is a lawyer from Youngstown, Ohio. He got up off the couch and started running in December of 2011, and since then has completed 7 half marathons, and ran his first marathon in January of 2014.

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