The Perfect Ride Kit

What’s in your ride kit?

Everyone has several things they take with them on EVERY ride they ever take. Every time. Before each ride, you have to make sure you have everything because it would be a disaster to be 50 miles from home realizing you don’t have something you need. Well, our solution is simple, and here it is.

Our WrapPack Max, big enough for basically everything you need but slim enough to keep it discreet, goes with us on every trip. After each ride, we just keep the WrapPack in our helmets. Nothing to forget!

The list:

  • Your phone! The WrapPack Max fits even the biggest phones on the market.
  • A copy of our ID. Either a laminated copy or an expired card, this can provide emergency services your information should something extreme happen.
  • $20 and a credit card. You don’t want to be caught off guard without money!
  • Your keys: no one wants to be locked out of the house after a Century Ride because your key fell out of the back pocket. WrapPack even has a special key clip on the inside to make sure.
  • A toolkit is always important in the event of a flat or even just something that needs tightened on the ride.
  • Sunscreen to prevent the pesky sunburns.
  • And often overlooked: Neosporin! In the event of a spill, it can be a temporary relief until you get to a true first aid kit. Preventing the burning sensation, maybe preventing bleeding, and at the very least getting a jump start on protecting you from infection.


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