Reasons to Love the Treadmill

We’re kidding, of course. There is no real love for the “dreadmill,” but there are certainly ways to make it better. When we are snowed in up here in Chicago, these are the seven reasons we convince ourselves that it’s best to go for a quick inside run.

  • Television/Movies/Netflix: Need to go for a quick 20-30 minute run? The newest episode of The  Big Bang Theory is 23 minutes. Perfect. Or maybe you need a longer workout? Run from the Walking Dead for 45 minutes.  Either way you go, at least you’ll be entertained.
  • Climate Control: Unlike running outside, you control the thermostat – not Mother Nature. That in and of itself is a great reason.
  • Try Out New Gifts: Did you get anything new over the holidays? Try out those new running shorts, shoes, or shirts. Not only do you get to keep warm and run in your summer gear, if something starts to get uncomfortable, you aren’t two or three miles away!
  • Control Your Pace: At least you’ll know exactly how fast you are going! And it will stay that way. Plus, no waiting for your GPS watch to connect.
  • Interval Workouts: Since it’s so easy to change your pace to exactly what you want, you can alternate between your fast race pace and a slow jog. Maybe even throw in some small hills?
  • No Gear, Hydration, or Nutrition to Carry: Ditch the running belts and built in pockets for a day or two. We get it, they are great and serve their purpose. But isn’t it nice to have a shelf to put your stuff on? No bouncing and nothing weighing you down. So freeing.
  • Lastly, You Aren’t Wasting Money: Well, you bought it. Shouldn’t you use it for more than just a coat rack? We thought so, too.

Have we convinced you? Are you going to enjoy a run on the treadmill? We didn’t think so. It’s almost spring, right?

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