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Sweatvac Athleticwear

Women's 2Tone Race Tank

Our technical race tanks provide extreme comfort and superior wicking capabilities. Soon to be your favorite workout shirt.
  • Made from DriSmart technical fabric

  • Silky-soft interior

  • Flat-seam construction for no rub comfort

  • Micro-textured exterior for superior moisture evaporation

  • Ultra Thin Fabric


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The SweatVac Advantage

 SweatVac Moisture-Wicking Technical Fabric

Coupled with superior construction and fit, SweatVac products utilize a multilayer system of moisture-wicking technical fabrics. Our unique UltraVac™ liner, made from an ultra-thin fabric woven with thermoplastic polymers, wicks sweat away from the skin and into the outer DriSmart™ fabric shell, where the moisture then evaporates, keeping you cool and dry.

Women's 2Tone Race Tank

Women's 2Tone Race Tank