Artwork Guidelines

All artwork must be submitted as complete print-ready digital files and should conform to the specifications found below:

  • All digital images should be high resolution files of 300 dpi or higher. If not, image will appear pixilated.
  • Images must be submitted in one of the following digital file formats: .ai, .doc, docx, .eps, .indd, .jpg, .jpeg, .pdf, .pptx, .tiff, and .ps. Please note that all typefaces must be outlined or converted into objects otherwise they may not render properly.
  • Custom artwork will be sized to 7x10 inches for center chest placement on tees, 4 inches for left chest placement on tees, and 1.25x4 inches on center placement for visors and 2x3 inches on center placement for hats.
  • Each point of sublimation (where your image appears on hats and tees) must be submitted as one image file, sized exactly as it is to be printed on the product (see size specifications in previous bullet).
  • Image file must be no larger than 5 MB.
  • Artwork is due 4 weeks prior to your relay in order to avoid rush fees.
  • Images sublimated on colors other than light shades (E.g., Red, certain Yellows, Lime, Blue, or Green products) will need to be printed in monochrome (shades of black and grey).

Note: Customers warrant that all images supplied for reproduction, whether digital, conventional, or otherwise, are unencumbered by copyright and other usafe rights connected to the image(s) and agree to hold harmless and indemnify SweatVac for all claims and expenses for any actions in law that may result from the use of these images.

SweatVac makes the best effort to achieve the best possible match of the colors on your logo during sublimation. Due to the sublimation process, color variation may occur due to various factors, such as individual monitor calibration settings (viewing colors as RGB + light) being converted to printed and sublimated colors (RGB colors converted to CMYK). If you are concerned about color variations, please contact us prior to placing your order. If not, Customers uploading and submitting their orders agree to accept any risk that the final product color may vary slightly, and expressly waive any right to reject the final product based on color.