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6040 Athletic Beanie
sweatvac 6040 winter beanie blue
sweatvac 6040 winter beanie green
sweatvac 6040 winter beanie grey
sweatvac 6040 winter beanie red
sweatvac 6040 winter beanie white
sweatvac 6040 winter beanie yellow

Sweatvac Athleticwear

6040 Athletic Beanie

The perfect cap for cool to mild temperatures. Made from DriSmart and UltraVac fabrics to keep you dry, with extra coverage for protection from the elements.
  • 100% machine washable
  • UltraVac liner stays dry against your skin and channels moisture away
  • DriSmart technical shell provides rapid moisture evaporation
  • DriSmart perfect for in-between temperatures
The SweatVac Advantage

 SweatVac Moisture-Wicking Technical Fabric

Coupled with superior construction and fit, our products utilize a multilayer system of moisture-wicking technical fabrics. Our UltraVac™ liner, made from an ultra-thin fabric woven with thermoplastic polymers, is placed against the skin, where it wicks sweat away and into the outer DriSmart™ fabric shell, where the moisture then evaporates, keeping you cool and dry.

6040 Athletic Beanie

6040 Athletic Beanie