Running Hat Solid Colors


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Chris Hannon

Hat size not the to siz

Great hat and Customer Service

My experience with Sweatvac was tremendous! The hat was just what I ordered and good quality (not surprising as it is my second hat from Sweatvac). The big kudos are for the customer service who, after I put in the wrong address, notified me it was returned and then sent it back to the right address at no extra charge! Makes me look at what else I could purchase from them!

Joanne Grunloh
fits big German head ;)

I bought this hat for my husband who loves to run outdoors without a shirt or hat. He has quit a few freckles. The sun is bright these days and all week he's been wearing the hat. He said it's the first hat he can actually wear and it feels like he's not wearing anything. I'm going to order him more hats and a light shirt with UV Protection.

Casey Callais
Best cap on the market

I picked up one of these at a race and it quickly became my favorite hat. The fit, the snug look, the coolness, the bill that follows the contour of the head instead of creating a pressure point at the forehead, it all comes together with this hat.

In fact I love this hat so much that, when I started my little company, I ordered a half dozen to get embroidered with my logo. Two years later I am ordering more. Not because the old hats are failing after daily use and monthly washes, but the embroidered logo is giving way.

Love these hats! Now I have to find a better embroider!

Jeremy S
Great hats

Sweatvac produce by far the best running hats out there. I just ordered 2 more, a blue solid color, and a navy with contrast stitching. Strangely, they sent me the navy also as a solid color (instead of the contrast stitching), but it is still a great hat so I didn’t downgrade my rating. I would certainly recommend these hats - great quality and great fit.