Choosing The Best Athletic Hats For Winter 2022

Athletic Hats For Winter

Winter is the time to layer up and accessorize with carefully curated accessories when temperatures plummet and the cold weather sets in. In the same way that a cozy scarf, a cashmere sweater and a statement coat are essential winter wardrobe pieces, a fabulous winter hat is not to be missed.

The good news is that fashionable headwear options exist for cold weather runners and cyclists. You'll always look and feel great no matter how gloomy the weather is when you wear the best winter hat. Discover the top styles and what to look for in a winter cap. 


The SweatVac team is committed to creating the most comfortable athletic apparel, headwear, and gear accessible. We're a group of cyclists, runners, triathletes, and fans like you who know how important high-performance clothing is for intense performance activities. For two decades, we've been perfecting our goods and giving thousands of happy athletes durable, comfortable, high performance gear that becomes a part of their workout wear rotation.

SweatVac offers the “Best Winter Running Hat Women's” and the warmest athletic beanies for surviving and thriving during the cold months. Visit our store, and choose from a variety of cold weather headwear.

Warmest Beanies For Winter

This article will detail the best warm winter hats, not just for women, but also for men, which are made with warmth and sweat management in mind. It also includes our top picks for cold weather running hats so you don't have to worry about being cold while running outside during the winter months. Best of all, these are some of the warmest and driest beanies for winter so you can be sure your head is protected from any harsh elements this season.

SweatVac Winter Beanies are perfect for keeping your head and ears warm during the winter months. Featuring a thin but dense stretchy DriSmart shell, with a wide UltraVac sweat liner the SweatVac Women’s Winter Beanie even has an integrated pony tail keeper in the back. This beanie will keep your head warm and dry during your cold weather runs or rides. The following are some of SweatVac best beanies for men and women to keep you warm this winter. Check out our beanie collections and which beanie works for you!

  1. Winter Beanie

When temperatures start to drop, it's important to have a hat that will keep you warm. The Winter Beanie is made with heavyweight DriSmart stretch fabric with our UltraVac sweat liner, which keeps you dry and warm without adding bulk. Good for temperatures below freezing and beyond. Super warm but thin enough to stash in a jacket pocket. This beanie is also machine-washable and comes in five colors.

  1. Chilly Athletic Beanie

The Chilly Athletic Beanie is one of our best-selling beanies for winter because it's lightweight but warm enough to take the edge off on chilly mornings. Good for temps from freezing to 50°. It fits snugly without being uncomfortably tight, features our UltraVac lining and is machine washable.

  1. 6040 Athletic Beanie

The 6040 Athletic Beanie is perfect for in-between temperatures because it's made up of DriSmart waffled texture shell with our wide UltraVac liner. This fabric combination is perfect for temps in the 40° to 60° range. Perfect for long runs or rides in the morning when the temps might be higher on your return. Deep to cover your ears and easy to wear above the ears and wick sweat if things heat up. Also machine-washable and comes in a wide variety of colors and prints.

  1. Women's Winter Beanie

Like our standard Winter Beanie, the Women's Winter Beanie is made with heavyweight DriSmart stretch fabric with our UltraVac sweat liner, and features a pony tail opening in the back, This must have winter hat is good for temperatures below freezing and beyond. Super warm but thin enough to stash in a jacket pocket. This beanie is also machine-washable and comes in six colors.


  1. Winter Stubby

Our most effective under helmet winter headwear product. Featuring the same DriSmart Winter Beanie shell fabric, it’s nice and deep to cover down to your eye brows and contoured to cover your ears with our UltraVac lining. Perfect for hard core winter cyclists who don’t compromise with their riding gear.



You can choose from a variety of headwear at SweatVac to keep you warm this winter. Stay safe and enjoy the winter weather while staying comfortable in our cold weather headwear.

Tips In Choosing The Perfect Winter Hat


Because most body heat is lost through the head, a good winter hat is a must-have for anyone looking to stay warm this season. Just holding in the heat is just one part of an athletic winter hat. The other part is moisture/sweat management. SweatVac’s UltraVac liner has a microscopic synthetic mesh allowing sweat to pass through while a second polyester layer wicks it away. That keeps it warm and dry against your skin while the moisture goes to the outside where it belongs. This proprietary technology is exclusive to SweatVac headwear and is an important part of keeping you comfortable and performing at your best during workouts in any temperature. Check out our selection and find the style and color that will work for you. Your head will thank you!


We’ve still got plenty of winter left, so make the best of it with the best gear to keep the warm in and chill out. Check out our selection of winter clothing for men and women today, and find the perfect one for your needs. From lightweight beanies that are perfect for running or riding in chilly weather to heavyweight options that will keep your head and ears toasty & dry in arctic temps, SweatVac has something for you.